1. What Is The Price Of Leads This Week?

  • Please visit the order page to review investment options.

2. Are There Any Setup Charges Or Other Charges?

  • No.

3. What Are The Order & Payment Options?

  • You can pay by major credit card.
  • We do not accept checks, money orders, debit cards or gift cards.

4. Is Leads This Week Sold Exclusively?

  • No, Leads This Week is sold to any real estate professional who orders it.
  • Also, please do not contact support asking how many agents we have on our service in your area.
  • We will not provide such information as it is confidential.

5. What Else Comes With Leads This Week?

  • Every tool you need to uncover leads.
  • Includes CRM.
  • Includes Auto Drip Emails, Auto-Responders & Scheduled Email too.
  • 52 Sales Per Year Built In Training System.
  • Secret Code To Uncover the Identity of Site Visitors When Farming.
  • Postcard Center where you can perform postcard marketing.
  • Listing websites.

6. How Difficult Is It To Learn How To Use The 'Leads This Week' System?

  • From a technical point of view... no as it is VERY EASY to use.
  • You can be set up and ready to use the system in a matter of minutes. .

7. How Does A FSBO Use & Market Their Website?

  • There are many ways the FSBO can promote his/her site to attract buyers.
  • Place a classified ad in the FSBO / Real Estate section the local newspaper.
  • Give the site URL out to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers.
  • Link the site from an already existing personal or business web sites.
  • Use Google Adwords.
  • Use Facebook.
  • Place a "for sale" sign in the FSBOs yard or window with website address on it.

8. What If I Need Help? Do You Provide Free Technical Support?

  • YES we do provide you with free support should you need any help or have any questions.

9. Can I Incorporate Leads This Week Websites Into My Existing Web Site?

  • YES you can.
  • This involves some technical skills in HTML and web development.
  • So long as you, or your webmaster (web designer), has basic HTML skills and can update, (makes changes), to your web site.

10. I Want To Know More About Achieve Ace Ltd. (The Company That Own Leads This Week).

  • Leads This Week is owned and operated by Achieve Ace Ltd. which is a training company owned by Mr. Randy Roussie.
  • You can learn all about Randy, his company, and his many different products and services at his "master web site".
  • www.randyroussie.com.